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    excuse me but how do u install ur u have uploaded on here i put it on my phone but it doesn't show up.
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    Hey Shoe...
    Great theme stuff like your battery, icons, etc.
    One question though...
    why can't I DELETE them?

    I unpacked the rar files, copied them to directories that I wanted them in, then attempted to delete them folder it made, and they WON'T delete!

    So I tried rebooting my PC, and then trying again.

    They won't delete!

    I tried this a few more times...
    they WON'T delete!

    I even tried shredding them with a file shredder I have...
    it goes thru thhe motions, seems to shred and delete most of the files like icons, etc. But it stops on the "Read Me!!!" files!

    THOSE are the files that won't delete on my computer.

    What the **** are they???
    They have NO file extensions, won't open any possible way imaginable.
    What the Hell are they???
    And why won't they DELETE?
    I am now stuck with 2 folders on my desktop containing files that won't go away.
    I can't delete them, I cna't rename them, I can't move them... they just sit there refusing to go away.

    Any ideas on what to do to get rid of them...?
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    hey thanks 4 ur upload of stock u
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    I just downloaded your japanese sms sound. I think it's really cool. my question is: how do I make it my sms sound? I'm a newbie and not very good with gadget, so I'd appreciate it if U'd spend time to write me a step-by-step instruction here or to my e-mail address: [email protected]. thanx!
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Ring Riiingg Ringgggggg : nice girl singign ring ring ringgg :) 2008-06-14 591 : replace original file that could be found in /var/root/Library/Preferences/ ... 2007-11-29 519
Squere skin : just a litle edit that i made of white mobilenotes skin i found somwhere... i cant remember where a ... 2008-01-12 836
MSN : shorcut to 2008-01-12 4,157
Real Artist icon : raplace that funny face icon :) 2008-01-14 246
myspace icon : 2008-01-14 188 Icon : change that boring domino icon... 2008-01-14 252
MMS icon : ... it fits perfectly if you rename application to MMS :) 2008-01-14 548
MNPlight startup screeen : i dont know about you but i just looove MNPlight..but i hated that startup screen... so heres someth ... 2008-01-14 229
Stock 1.1.1 : in case some one need it.. 2008-01-25 418
1.1.4 Stock : in case some one broke his original phone :( 2008-03-17 1,146
FAKE 4 icon dock refelction : since i couldnt fined how to put real dock reflection on 1.1.4 i just made this image with drowen re ... 2008-03-17 262
Blue Chat Icon : its blue....duuuhhhh 2008-03-17 206
Japnes SMS sound : funny japanes sms :) 2008-03-17 1,697
Japanes Ringtone : funny sh*** and it goes perfectly with japanes sms sound that i posted 5 min ago ;) 2008-03-17 1,442
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