Bluetooth keyboard with leather case for ipad

●With case and wired keyboard in one,make tablet PC more convenient in typing words and carrying

●Built-in wireless keyboard,with bluetooth standard 2.0 output,suitable for all bluetooth function laptops
●You can put in or take off the keyboard from the case,the operate distance is more than 11M
●new technology silincone keyboard,protech Ipad screen,and with some waterproof function
●built-in 360mAH lithium battery in the keyboard
●Keyboard with sleep mode, standby mode more energy, more than 30days standby
●high quality genuine leather
●More colors and styles can be chosed
●Aim at multi-function shortcut keys for Apple products,to make it more flexible
●Case size:250mm * 205m * 48mm
●Keyboard size:235mm * 80mm * 10mm
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