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Thread: Ziphone phone call problem [call volume extremely low]

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    Default Ziphone phone call problem [call volume extremely low]
    Hey every1 was wondering if anybody has had problems with hearing someone while on a call. Jailbroke using ziphone 2.5, 2.5c,2.6b and still the same problem, I can barely hear the person on the other line but they seem to hear me loud and clear.

    Everything else works fine,have restored & jailbroken numerous times now and this problem still remains. Could I have f**ked up my baseband? Have tried refurbish,but still that 1 problem remains.

    It's an 8gb week 47 iphone with the 3.9bl that was downgraded from 4.6 by ziphone. Tried iplus 2.0b but after I've reached 'iPus 2.0b - Pass 2 Starting' screen where it's unpacking main payload it's stuck at 'The iPhone will now reboot'. So I am forced to manually reboot,the phone itself appears to be unlocked after the process but not jailbroken . But the call volume remains very low.

    Want to try the original jailbreak process i.e downgrade to 1.1.1 & move up to 1.1.3 via dev team soft upgrade but I'm unable to downgrade,recieving error (1) in itunes when I try.

    If anyone can give me some advice PLEASE!!! I'd greatly appreciate it. P.S. I've also tried general->reset all settings/reset network settings
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    Don't do the old downgrade method, it's a headache and it's not as stable of a jailbreak.

    But if you must, leave your iphone connected to itunes, and then enter DFU mode. I've seen that error when the phone/ipod is not connected to itunes while entering DFU mode.

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    Guess I'll try that although I think I've done that already. Got iplus to work by the way but still the same problem. Put the phone in dfu mode thru iplus and restored to 1.1.4 and jailbroke it. Any other suggestions

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    Red face I got the Same problem
    Could you tell me what you did to fix the low volume problem. I got Version 2.0.1 1st Gen.

    Thank you very much.... It's diving me crazy.

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    might be stupid but i found dirt on the speaker cover ! removed it will a pin and it sorted it out for me !!!

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