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Thread: ZiPhone 2.5, Used iPhone and AT&T Question

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    Default ZiPhone 2.5, Used iPhone and AT&T Question
    I am a newbie so please bear with me.

    Here are the details of my phone below. After doing some searching and reading I need a little clarification.

    1. I bought a used iPhone with firmware 1.1.4, Build 4A102 on it and I am currently doing a restore on it with iTunes.

    2. Already Downloaded and installed ZiPhoneGUI 2.5

    3. I currently have a Blackberry provided by the company I work for and our carrier is AT&T.

    4. The SIM I have on my Blackberry says Cingular but works on my Blackjack [weekend phone and get 3G service] and the Blackberry [work phone, EDGE service].

    My question becomes which of the ZiPhone actions do I run on the iPhone to allow me to swap my SIM from my Blackberry to the iPhone and vice versa without causing problems or having any unexpected charges being made to the company?

    I want to be able to make and receive calls from the iPhone, browse the web using Wi-Fi while at my home or the EDGE service I currently get with the phone and also upload mp3 music on it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    One last thing once you tell me what option to run from ZiPhoneGUI do I need to run anything else or just pop the SIM in?

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Throw the simcard in the iphone and run Ziphone (thats all you need), you will run "activate" utility and the "jailbreak" utility (if you want to hack it). No need for unlocking as your using ATT.

    If you currently have a Data plan on your service you will be good, HOWEVER, if ATT notices a surge in data usage they will eventually call you and make you get the "iphone data plan" added to your service ($20).

    PS - if they notice and you dont switch service they can "blacklist" you so you wont have any data access.
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    I do believe I have the Data plan but I will have our billing person check it just to make sure.

    So put in my working SIM in the iPhone, run ZiPhoneGui option 2 [Don't Unlock -Jailbreak and Activate Only] and once it is done I should be all set?

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    Yup....but like I said, If ATT calls you about your data usage - listen to them cause they will cut you off.

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    Just ran ZiPhone with the options I stated and I do not get any bars in the signal meter. Do I need to do the step again or am I missing anything?

    Do I need to do anything through iTunes?

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