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Thread: Ziphon installs Trojan on windows

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    Default Ziphon installs Trojan on windows

    I get a really bad feeling about ziphone. The exe or windows contains a trojan. Vista Live on detects lameweb 2.0.
    I wonder what else gets installed on the iphone when you hack it this way or what gets done my local windows box. No I understand why someone would
    buy him a car .......

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    thats bull.... probably its just vista acting up..........

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    Default It wasn´t vista, it was one care
    It is an MS Anti Virus Software which detected it.
    BTW: This was posted in other forums as well

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    still i dont think that zibri would release a trojan... i read that someone before two, and i checked it with bullguard, no virus or anything found...

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    ZiPhone must have a virus, because now I have a sore throat and a bad cough...

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    Windows Live One Care SUCKS. Never has an anti-virus / anti-spyware program been guilty of finding so many false positives. I think it just searches your hard drive for any files that Microcrap doesn't like and calls it a virus...

    Try scanning with a real Anti-virus program like Kaspersky / AVG.

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    Its ok Vista is confused, there is no trojan virus on it

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    That's what you get for running Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wePhone View Post
    That's what you get for running Windows.
    I am sure you meant "win******".... (flame suit on )

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