Getting ready for 1.1.4 - clean up JailBreaks back to a clean install. No matter which Jailbreak you used.

After messing around with 1.1.3 break for a couple weeks, its been fun. But with the release of iTunes .....I think we are getting close to the new firmware 1.1.4 or whatever they number it.

This is a guide for all those to get back to a clean iPhone running 1.1.3 Breaks of all kinds. Thanks to Ziphones -D command.

Zibri has warned not to upgrade to 1.1.4 until he can make some changes to files. So wait after 1.1.4 release..... or Clean-Up NOW. Fix your iPhone.

If you try to restore from a JailBroken 1.1.3 whatever method you used will get an error.

This method is for Windows users but much the same for Mac's.

So, I prepared my iPhone.....with Ziphone's clean-up.

First. Close iTunes.

Then connect iPhone to the computer.

Download Ziphone's Version 2.4.

Unzip the file. Open folder if you like and read the Text File for more instructions if you like.

Run or open Command window. In Windows 'Run' then enter... CMD
I placed mine on the desktop. So I typed; cd Desktop. Then cd ziphone to get to the Ziphone folder location.

Then run the command >ziphone -D ....( do nothing...leave iPhone connected)

This will prepare the iPhone to be able to do the restore to 1.1.3.

Open iTunes and click on RESTORE.

You get a clean fresh 1.1.3. All previous breaks are removed and you are clean. (no need to Uninstall anything) -D removes all break methods.

Then after. Restore your backup. (This screen will pop-up automatically) ( No need for Restore as New....unless you want to loose all your contacts and settings)

Then your iPhone has all you contacts and previous settings mail etc. All fixed.

Then restore your music, videos and photos.

Your done.

Then update. iTunes ( it does not seem that this update affects the iPhone) (but who knows)

I am, and you will be ready for new firmware.

You will be surprised by the new performance. All your Webclips will still remain.

Good luck. Everyone. Chris