First of all, I have done my search... I have an unlock Iphone with an old firmware (.1.0.2) that I unlocked thru this site

I want to upgrade to the latest firmware 1.1.3 and unlock it so I can use it with my Tmobile network. Upon searching, I guess the best method to do everything all at once is to use the Ziphone ( I'm getting mixed answers on how to do it properly. Some say do a recover mode first, some say do a restore first,some say try to "vriginize" and do restore then use Ziphone & others say use Ziphone straight up wihtout doing any other methods. Please correct me if this is wrong but is this the right set up to run the Ziphone method with my unlock Iphone?

1.Virginize phone using installer app

2.Do a Restore via Itunes

3.Download Ziphone run it with Itunes and phone plugged in.

4. Click Do everything or whatever it says (jailbreak,unlock and activate)

5. Done with the latest firmware and phone unlock and jailbroken

Please anyone kind enough to help me out will be highly appreciated.