Hello there..

Listen, I got my iPhone 1.1.2 out of the box and I jailbroken it and I was able to use internet, ipod and other services... they said I couldnt use any sim but I tried getting a gophone from at&t and that prepaid sim card worked on the iPhone so I had a phone too... then I updated it to 1.1.3 using the files form Installer... and after a day or so... I was putting a video on my iPhone and the Map service was kicking me out everytime I tried to use it... didnt pay attention and kept on doing stuff... I was putting a movie on the iphone and when I started watching it after a few min my iPhone got lock back by itself... I was surprised, I tried to unlocked/jailbroken again but there was no OktoPrep after I jailbroken it so I tested a lot with different things till I started to get weird error messages and so... but I made my way to get it back to the 1.1.2 version and I found this ZiPhone thing... so i gave it a try and it unlocked it really quick... then, I couldnt open safari or installer... it wasnt showing nothing for some reason... so I switched again my goPhone SIM card and then I finally got into instaler and safari and maps... but guess what, now im getting charged everytime I use those services and im getting charge a lot... this was not happening with that older way of downgrading and jailbreaking... i was able to get all the services without paying nothing and even with the SIM card that comes in the phone when you buy it...

Am I missing something that blocks this or let me use all those services without paying... I considering on going back to the old method but I dont know if OktoPrep is back on installer and without that I dont wanna test anymore and fck up more my iPhone... so can anyone help me here