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Thread: Black Screen Of Doom

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    Default Black Screen Of Doom
    I was using ziphone today and it killed my iphone or i did but thats not the point. I bought the phone 2 days ago with firmware 1.1.2 and i upgraded to 1.1.3. Today i used ziphone and during the last step i canceled the process accidently and now my phone is just in a black screen with a except its white. I have tried to master reset but the problem is the computer cant find my iphone although its plugged in. Also i tried running ibreaker but it cant find my iphone. I dont know what to do plz help. I dont want to get a new phone after 2 days of use haha.
    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You cant run it in recovery mode?

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    no it sucks any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by datruerussian View Post
    during the last step i canceled the process accidently and now my phone is just in a black screen with a except its white
    What exactly does this mean? Are you having a black screen or a white screen? Are you able to turn the phone off and on via the top right power button?

    If i had to theorize what happened here, you probably (actually most definitely) stopped the flashing of crucial files mid-flash. The phone is probably in a suspended state that you can really do nothing about if you are not getting response from any of the keys and are not able to get into DFU mode or anything of the sort. The "good" news is that you can probably take it into an Apple store, and if they are unable to really do anything to the phone, you can say it just "happened" and they will probably swap it out for you. I don't recommend sending it in, however, as they can probably see that it was messed with. I have heard stories of people sending a phone in with a fresh restore and Apple sent it back stating that it was modified and therefore the warranty was void.

    Either way, let us know what happens! And good luck!
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    i had the same prob try holding home and power button for like 20 second screen will turn balck then hold home button it worked for me

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    gackm is probably pointing you in the right direction n so is sziklassy
    hold down the power and home buttons together....
    if the screen turns off n on again then i guess ur ok....
    so basically u hold down the power and home buttons together for about 5 seconds or so....ur screen will go off n turn on again and u will see the grey apple that point leave the power button immediately and keep the home button pressed.....u should enter dfu mode...
    ull see an itunes logo and a usb cable with an arrow pointing towards the itunes logo....
    from this point onwards restoring the phone is easy.
    good luck to you bro....hope ur phone gets fixed

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    Use Ziphone to put your phone into DFU mode. Then smack that thing back in iTunes to restore. I had the same problem where BSOD was the only thing i can see.

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