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Thread: ZiPhone - Unlock, Jailbreak, Activate your iPhone - NO DOWNGRADING REQUIRED!

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    Default Unlock a 1.1.4 phone running AT&T
    I have been trying to find the answer to a question i have...
    I want to unlock my iphone, but i dont want to loose any of the settings i currently have. I do have AT&T and want to keep it, but the reason that i want to unlock is to use a different sim card when i leave out of the country. When i come back i want to be able to put my AT&T card back in and keep using all my AT&T settings. Will using ZiPhone do this, or will it break my network settings and programs?
    Thanks to all who respond to my question,

    Some information...
    I bought my iphone and started using AT&T.
    When purchased it had version 1.0.2.
    I did a restore to version 1.1.1
    Then i did another restore to 1.1.4.

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    haven't really found anything about it...most were from 2007 threads...

    ill be getting my iphone this Monday and figure i read up on getting this far, the only quest i have at the moment is does it matter which version of itunes you use?

    i have iTunes verison currently installed

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    Quote Originally Posted by dicksharard View Post
    You are welcome! To answer your questions: Yes, upgrade your phone with itunes 7.6, then unistall 7.6, reboot, and install 7.5 here:

    Turn your iphone off using the top button and red slider. Then with phone off, press the home button and connect to your computer. Keep home button pressed until cable and itunes logo appear. Phone should be in special DFU mode. When I attempted this, itunes was closed, as was ituneshelper.exe. Next start the ZiPhone 2.0 GUI and check activate, jailbreak, and verbose reboot. Then start. Once completed, installer app to install anysim, and you're good as gold. Make sure you are in airplane mode when you use anysim!!!! Also, what OS are you using? My only experience with this is in XP. Just so you know.
    Mad love to dicksharard, this guy in this single post single handedly save my iphone!!! I was stuck with the white apple logo and no other post here suggested what he said in this post. Thanks a million man, you have my undying gratitude!!!

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    hi guys i am new with my iphone and i put vodafone sim but no any signal and the phone unlocking..... what is the steps to upgrade my phone or downgrad by itune

    how i can know the my phone version number
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    Why dont you restore to 1.1.4 then pwnage the phone to unlock and activate it.

    It does not matter what you have then as it should work with any sim.

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    why cant hacking be as easy as it use to be with

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I had a 1.1.2 locked iphone with a t-mobile SIM, I used ZiPhone and now my iphone its a 1.1.2 unlocked iphone with a 04.04.05_G modem firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiohdz09 View Post
    I have been trying to find the answer to a question i have...
    I want to unlock my iphone, but i dont want to loose any of the settings i currently have.
    It actually shouldn't mess with your current settings. It didn't with me. Here is what I would do just in case - Hooked your iPhone up to iTunes and clicked restore. It will ask you if you want to back up all your current setting - select yes and let it back up your information but as soon as this is done do NOT let it restore. (I'm sure there is a option in iTunes for a backup to your iPhone but I couldn't find it) I would then unlocked it using iPlus or Ziphone. If anything goes wrong and it wipes your memory off, hook it back up to iTunes and retrieve the memory backup. Retrieving an old backup wont relock your phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by kurtless View Post
    why cant hacking be as easy as it use to be with
    Is this a joke? They have made hacking iPhone's childplay with GUI programs like Ziphone that anyone with half a brain can use. There are so many options out there now for one step unlock/jailbreak such as iPlus, Pwning tool and so on.
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    Smile Unlocked Iphone 1.1.4
    Hello p'pal,

    I have got my new iphone and got it unlocked successfully but there are a few glitches that i think were cause of the glitch in the unlocking procedure.

    This is what i have done .. Installed ITunes on my Vaio and connected my
    Iphone which got detected by Itunes .. then i choose "DO It ALL" option on
    Ziphone 2.5 and the magic happened.

    Now my bluetooth doesnt work and one of two speakers doesnt work ..
    wierd enough .. IT would be of great help if someone could really tell me
    what's iLiberty all about and will help me get outta this ****

    Thank you in advance !

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    don't worry pawan.bishnoi, there's only one speaker in the iphone and it's on the bottom left side...the right side is the microphone. you should use Ziphone 3.0. that should fix your problem.
    "...tomorrow could be the best day of your life..."

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    true its on the left side but when my friend got the first iphones i think there were two because he would cover the left side and it would be a little muffled but still friggin loud. and when i covered my left speaker you could barely hear anything.

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    Thank you guys .. i thought that my iphone could screem but now i know its limitations .. cause when we are in a mall or a street its almost not audible.

    iLiberty claims that it can restore WiFi and Bluetooth .. could anybody suggest if i can still use it as i have already unlocked my iphone with Ziphone ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piz View Post
    Doesn't work for my iPhone.

    iPhone 1.0.2 upgraded to 1.1.1 with AnySIM unlocked. With iTunes 7.6 on PC, iPhone is restored to 1.1.3.

    Running latest ZiPhone 2.0 in command mode.

    After "Entering recovery mode", "Working...", and "Please wait 45""....

    iPhone restarted with white Apple logo there for like 45 minutes (not seconds). Nothing happened.

    Had to restore iPhone back to 1.1.3 many times (got error 1604 from time to time).

    The same error (white Apple) repeats every time.

    So what went wrong? Do I have to use iTunes 7.5 instead?
    Hi, i've got same problem, what did you do finally?
    We're waiting also looking to a white apple logo....
    [email protected]

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    can some give ziphone m not able find it on net.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Quote Originally Posted by golu16 View Post
    can some give ziphone m not able find it on net.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Lets not use ZiPhone, ZiPhone is the most dangerous method to jailbreak.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Why ZiPhone is the most dangerous method to jailbreak?

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    I've used it many times. Put it in DFU mode, shift+restore to 1.1.4 ipsw, then select DO IT ALL from the GUI. 4 minutes later, boom. If you have issues with ziphone messing your phone up, you probably shouldn't be hacking the iphone period. Go buy a razr. LOL
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