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Thread: IPhone contiuosly reboots!!!

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    Exclamation IPhone contiuosly reboots!!!
    Hi Everyone,
    I just received my new iphone 2g and used ziphone to unlock,activate,and jailbreak. Everything was ok until I clicked on the setting icon and I had a white screen that froze the phone up. I hard rebooted it and now it just keeps restarting over and over. Every once in a while I can get in, but once I click on settings or get a phone call it freezes or reboots..then starts that rebooting cycle continuosly. I have restored about 50 times..DFU restored, and tried activating via iliberty+ and same thing happens regardless of what program I use to unlock/activate. I want to know what can I do to stop this and have a normal phone. It has the 1.1.4 firmware and I have a AT&T sim card. I have searched like crazy for over a week and nothing has solved this problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone Help or guide me in the right direction? I am trying to avoid going to the Apple store for help because they hassle me for having a unlocked Iphone last time I was there. Please anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    How new is the iphone. I had the same problem on my 4GB iphone. What happened was that the battery was not completely charging. The phone was fine as long as it was plugged into the PC, but as soon as you took it off the USB cable...the phone would reboot, show the apple symbol, make a quick little flash, then reboot...over and over again.

    If you can keep the power on, restore the phone and make an appointment at Apple Store to swap out the phone. If the phone has not been unlocked, call Apple and tell them your problem. I forgot to mention, your phone still has to be under warranty.

    It's better to take it to the Apple Store, if you send it in, there is a possibility that they will run tests on it and not replace it due to it being unlocked (happened with me). The people at the Apple Stores don't care, they will swap it out immediately. Hope this helps you.

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    I had the same thing happen to my phone, what I did was I plugged my phone to the wall charger and did a hard restart and everything was fine, try that.

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    I am going to bring the phone to the store tommorow...Now since I don't have Iphone service, will there be any problem? Will the ask me to activate the phone or are they suppsoed to just swap it out for a new one? What advice can anyone give me. Any help would be great.

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    It states in their TOS that an AT&T plan isn't required to have/replace an iPhone. They should switch it out for you w/o much hassle.

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    Hi Again, after playing with the phone all night I see that if I turn off the wifi the phone works fine, but once I turn the wifi back on and try to connect that's when it starts acting up again. Since then I have left the wifi off and the phone is working fine for about 15 hours without one restart. Tried to connect to wifi just now and boom...the restart cycle begins again. Has anyone seen or heard anything like this? Well hopefully they switch out the phone, if not I will try to see if there is a fix for this.

    Update- Apple told me that they would not check the phone without having a valid sim in the phone. So I guess I am stuck with this phone. Anyone has any suggestion?
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