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Thread: How to Change the IMEI Number?

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    Default How to Change the IMEI Number?
    Hey, I've tried changing my imei number to my motorola and I entered the number in ziphone, hooked up my iphone, and then clicked perform actions. But it says
     -Z N: Activate/Jailbreak iPhone
     -Z I: Jailbreak iPod Touch / iPhone
     -Z W: Fix Greyed WiFi (workaround)
     -Z A: Show me advanced commands !
    And in the information box it says
    No actions were selected! What are you trying to do?
    So can anyone refer me to a tutorial where I can do this so I can get SwirlyMMS to work for my iphone? I got AT&T in the US so I've researched this and it said I needed to change the imei number.
    +rep will obviously be given if you can help me out.

    I also have a quick question:
    When I put my iphone in recovery mode, and then put it in normal mode with ziphone does everything I had on my iphone stay the same? Or does it wipe everything to factory default basically?
    Thanks again.
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    i have the same problem. i need to change my IMEI for swirly to work..
    and ziphone is the only app that allows you to, and when i click "start advanced process" it's telling me i don't have any boxes "checked" on the left.

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    Ya'll do realize this will only work on a 2g (first-gen) Iphone. Wont work on 3g.

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    And you have to be on FW 1.1.4 or lower

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    And you have to be on FW 1.1.4 or lower
    hmmmm, maybe I should've just said that to begin with

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