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    Ok listening to a friend and enjoying all the great oppurtunites of jailbreak phone i decided to go with the Ziphone Break. First let me start with what i have

    Purchased May 21 2008
    Firmware 1.1.4

    Ok so i set the beast free, well only to discover when i went to sync the next morning,it did some type of DATA DUMP. Then froze. Thats it. So i try to restore and to restore and try to restore, and nothing errors 1011 kept popping up. I pushed into DFU mode and then restore and still nothing. The Phone was dead. with its little itunes and plug looking at me. Finally, reading and reading reading , somehow i got the idea to put inot normal mode, and woohoo it brought me to a screen to make an emergency call, from there, try to restore and this just started the cycle all over again,,,,

    OK so once i got back to the state of slide for emergency call, i jailbreak it and activated it (IPHONE for those you not following)... this at least brought me to a home screen....well now i can hear my music but i have no cell service or wifi or bluetooth and i get the lovely error of phone needs repair contact Apple support!!....GREAT!!! So i go into general settings and guess what ???
    No IMEI
    No ICCID
    No Modem Firmware
    Blue Tooth: 00:00:00:...etc
    I have tried to restore settings and it just locks up!!!

    IM out of thoughts and trys ... unless someone can tell me how to bring this phone back step by step... I have done all the holding of buttons for 10 15 20 seconds and releasing and setting inot DFU and recovery adn normal... none of those are fixing it...

    My thoughts are that i have a corrupt file somewhere,, but have no way to get to it and even if i did dont even know how to get it going...

    So i plea with this community.. if anyone has an idea on how to resolve this issue i would welcome the feedback..

    Thank you for your time and patience in this matter...

    Oh you want to hear the worse!!!

    this will make you chcuckle,, after i decided to jail break it, i talk with ATT and they are gonna let me do a buyer remorse exchange for a new phone... well i can even do that if i cant get this one working... i thought that would bring a smile or maybe a tear depending if we can get this "restored" thanks ill be here waiting...

    OK so i thought i was clear noooo, no where!!!!

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    Ok, I'm the friend that advised my buddy to jailbreak his phone. Ive been jailbreaking for a while and as far as I know, 1.1.4 OTB you could use Liberty or Ziphone and just hit jailbreak. So we did it to his phone, worked fine, then a couple of apps from installer weren't installing or running right.

    So what I usually do is restore as new phone and re-jailbreak.

    In his case though I think somehow the option to the downgrade bootloader was clicked. Which is a downgrade to 3.9bl. After this the phone worked fine until it was plugged in via usb to the computer. Then is crashed, showing please connect ot itunes.

    Tried to restore, several times and it simply gives error 1011. Tried reflashing the baseband using iLiberty to no avail. I think the bootloader and baseband both need to be repaired somehow. Any help? The only thing I can think of is that this iPhone is really really late model. It is only like 25 days since it was purchased at the AT&T store.

    If you can think of anything I can try, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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