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Thread: Ziphone Hacks

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    What's up everyone. I downloaded Ziphone to hack my iphone 8gb. I like the program, but i the one thing i'm missing is the Customize feature. I wanna change my sounds and slide option, things like that. I've looked on youtube for videos, and i see other people install "customize" from the program list, but i don't have that there to download. Does anyone know how to get that, or is there a better program to download for the phone. Any help would be appreciated.

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    "Installer" You should have this app after jailbreaking your phone.

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    i have "installer" but when i go in there to get an application, the customize feature isn't there for me to download.

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    install "community sources" found in installer.
    Then customize should be there

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    i downloaded community sources, and nothing is on my phone. No new icon. I went back to install and the customize app isn't there. What's going on. lol

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    goto installer>hit install>All Packages>Customize.

    "Community sources" adds sources and packages to installer. Not to the springboard. So there wont be any icon for it.

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    you wont see any new icons for community sources.. community sources only adds sources to your list in order for you to have access to the repositories. Add, refresh your sources, then search for customize.

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    I got ya. I went to uninstall, and i have downloaded community sources, it's there for me to uninstall it so i know it's there. But when i go to all programs, the "customize" package isn't there. What am i doing wrong. it's just not there. how do i get it. is there something else to do? Thanks for helping me.

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    Guide for adding sources > Install Rogue Sources - ModMyI - Wiki
    Add the source that "jayteez" gave us.
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    what is that?

    Much appreciated bro, i got it finally. I went to that site, followed what to do and refreshed everything. I downloaded the customize app, and got that spicy chicken thing app. Thanks

    no i'm trying to get the sounds and stuff to work, is there a program that lets me set that themes sounds etc????
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    yah, its called customize.

    u needa loook thru it, and learn what its capable of doing
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    customize can do that
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    Obviously doesn't know how to search in the forum...

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    U,guys mean new customize?

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