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Thread: So Lame! Ziphone done 3 times, no love

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    Default So Lame! Ziphone done 3 times, no love
    I have tried many many things to no avail. 1.1.4 iphone, just redid it all again with itunes and then Ziphone. Refreshed all my sources, now cannot find BDS nor OpenSSH. I refresh everything in sight and still nothing. I have run CuteFTP Pro and it links in but in Library folder only shows Address Calendar Installer Lockdown Preferences and SUmmerboard, no other folders at all. This is really starting to bum me out. Many hours and days redoing all this and still nothing. What coud be wrong? I'm on T-Mobile, 1.1.4 is unlocked and JB'd.

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    Installer, BDS, OpenSSH are pre-installed when you have jailbroken or unlocked with Ziphone. Check your Uninstall tab, they should be in there.

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    Use iLiberty+

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    Thanks Duffer...until you know, you don't know. Checked and there they are and now I know how to check what's been installed. I hadn't hit the "Uninstall" button in fear of uninstalling things.
    Now...I have a "Rose" Summerboard theme installed but not showing up at all anywhere...why would that be? Once installed do I have to do something else to make it kick in? Sorry for the noob questions but...until I know, I don't know.
    Thanks again for your help.

    Well, I don't know what I did differently this time but I just went in using Cute and found the mobile/summerboard folder. I Did properties on all of the files to 755. I'm going to undock and refresh and cross my fingies.......I'll be back
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    A lot of apps are not compatible with 1.1.4, hence you need to use the 1.1.4 compatibility patch. You install the patch, then install your desired app, reboot, then uninstall the compatibility patch. I use it every time I install and no problems. Don't quite remember where it is, I think it's in 1.1.4 TWEAKS but seek and ye shall find. And make sure you do your due diligence, I think there's also a compatibility app that's similar but it's more of a "fake version" thingy that tricks installed apps into thinking you have a different firmware version. Again, do your homework cause I'm just quoting from memory and haven't studied the subject lately myself.

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    redman until you have reinstalled Summerboard then your newly installed theme will not work. You will have to reinstall all apps that you used before that you want back. You will then have to go into Summerboard on your iPhone and apply that theme.

    As far as what folders you are seeing when you FTP in, it depends on what directory you are going in from. When you first log in try going up a couple of notches and you should see lots of different folders in the / folder (root).
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