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Thread: HELP Ziphone 3.0 hardcoding mac address

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    Default Ziphone 3.0 hardcoding mac address from "Fix Wifi Issue" Solution
    I just upgraded to 1.1.4 then using ziphones 3.0 tool. I noticed that my mac address is now different from what it was before. I restored and erased my iphone completely. I still have the same mac address as most of the people who used ziphone 3.0 to unlock & activate "00:5a:49:42:52:49" Is there a fix for this to restore my original Mac address? I tried using Liberty+ as well, but that mac address still remains. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    You probably used the ZiPhone wifi "fix". 00:5a:49:42:52:49 is "zibri" in ascii, by the way.
    I can't find a fix, I will keep looking though.

    Oh, when (if) you fix it, don't use ZiPhone again.......
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    I will definitely not use it again.

    SOLUTION FOUND after searching the web.

    Here is the link on how to restore you original MAC Address IF you have used Ziphones "Wifi Fix" in 3.0.

    Ill post it as well and add on what I did differently here is the solution I found....

    There is a thread which say that people with No-Wifi who had tryed to Fix that with the "Fix No-Wifi Issue" in Ziphone 3.0 have their Wifi MAC adress changed which is a problem if you have two computer/iphone/PSP or whatever you want with the same adress in the same network, they will not be able to connect to the network.

    To fix that we are going to use Ziphone.
    1) Go to Advencced tab, then select Ierase 3.9 Baseband and press "Start Advanced Proces", wait until your iphone reboot, you'll have error "repair needed" if you have errors in Ziphone, quit and restart the program.

    2) Go to Advencced tab, then select Unlock phone for any carrier", and press "Start Advanced Proces", wait until your iphone reboot

    ***I did not do step #2. I used the one button Unlock, Jailbreak, & Activate and waited a few minutes. After process, I checked and Wifi was working and original MAC address was listed.****

    That's done, you have retreive your original wifi MAC address and original IMEI (unless you ask Ziphone to change it on step 2).

    I hope this is as useful for other people who have encountered this issue as well. Be careful when using the "Wifi Fix" in Ziphone 3.0.
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