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Thread: No baseband - need some serious help

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    OMG this is mashing my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right I did an iphone for some one - all worked perfectly then the idiot messed with boot neuter then after he had ragged it he proceded to try n restore it using itunes.......y he didnt just bring it back to me I dont know. Anyhow he dropped it off with me with no wifi no signal etc (but failed to tell me hed been messing with it!!!)

    I tryed to restore but now all I get is the dreaded 1011 error GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Its driving me MAD. Im no simpleton ive done the whole dfu mode twice etc. Ive read threads till god knows what time in the morning all week!!!!

    Ive even tried ziphone as a last resort n the text starts scrolling down the screen then seems to freeze n just show Attempt...

    I can get it back to Normal Mode using ziphone but it states no calls can be made from this phone and to contack apple support! "Yeh like Steve Jobs is gonna help me!!!"

    Any help would be greatfull

    Update......using iliberty I can jailbreak and activate the phone but still back to no wifi signal etc.

    All thoses with 1011 error ibricked!!!!!

    Put phone into DFU mode restore 1.0.2 firmware twice, you will get the 1011 error and then it will go to the connect to itunes logo. Use ziphone, under advanced boot iphone into normal mode.

    Now use iliberty select jailbreak + activate phone booted into recoverymode and hung. I then selected the other tools options and selected "Jump out of recovery mode" the phone restarted and I now atleast have an iphone that will act as an ipod (not much I here you say but hey its better than that ibrick i had b4.

    Will update as soon as I have more info.

    Hope it helps
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    Default Total commander
    Quote Originally Posted by zekep View Post
    Anyone know how to ssh into the iphone if wifi doesnt work, or use terminal on the iphone, I got it on... but i open it, and nothing happens.
    Use a program called TOTAL COMMANDER and also download the iphone plugin for it then you can connect without using any type of TCP/IP connection. Perfect if you have no baseband like myself!

    The best way to solve this problem is using the Hardware unlock for 1.1.2

    You need to perform the testpoint method. A good tutorial is available here...

    Unlock the iPhone - a simple tutorial!

    This is the only way to properly flash your baseband to renew it. Since you dont have wifi... you'll need to use total commander or similar to manually install the apps. Or you could use ZiPhone to make a custom firmware in each case which contains custom apps.
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