Ok guys, I'm a noob and bought iElegance Pro. But, my icons did not change at all. As there are no directions or help, I'm at a loss as to how to get it to look like it is supposed to.

Under Winterboard I see:

Pro WP Clock
Pro WP Clock No Shelves
Pro WP 24HR
Pro WP 24HR No Shelves
Pro Slider
Pro Script Carrier
Pro Lockscreen
Pro Icon Labels
Pro NO Shelves

Now, I have guessed that these are different options like having the clock or not, 24 hour format or not, although I have no idea what WP is supposed to mean, and still don't know what the PRO is... (is that a base that needs to be on?)

Also, although the "Script" option is checked, it still shows AT&T as the carrier rather than the script.

So, how do I turn on the iElegance icons???? I still see mine. How do I turn on the script? What is the "PRO" part???