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Thread: Lockscreen problem

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    Default Interactive Lockscreen problem
    After days of fiddling and tweeking I was happy to have my "Space" theme ready working, maybe a few little details missing. Anyway it was time to test it on the iPhone, it worked fine in Safari on the PC.
    So I copied the folder into the Winterboard folder on my iPhone and .... nothing, well, at least not what I expected, so just out of interest I copied the same folder into /private/var/mobile/Documents, then opened that folder with iFile, tapped on LockBackground.html and then selected Web Viewer. Hey presto, it worked like a dream.
    So there we are, a LockBackground.html page that works in iFile's web viewer, but not as a Lockscreen.
    I also uploaded it to the internet and opend the same folder with Safari, works perfect.
    I am stuck as I can not find the cause of this.
    Anyone any ideas?

    Use iPhone Safari and try for yourself: Space

    Should have mentioned that this is an interactive theme, just put your finger on the galaxy and move your finger around.
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    Last I checked it needs to end in .png not .HTML I haven't made a theme in two weeks as my new iPhone 4 is unjailbreakable but I'm 99% sure if you change the file extension to .png you will be fine.


    If I have helped you then thank me.

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    LockBackground.html is absolutely fine and works well with css and javascript. Worked on a few other themes I made, but only on this one it just will not do as it should do.
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