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Thread: Girlie Themes **[Request]**

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    Default Girlie Themes **[Request]**
    Hi guys..

    I was wondering if anyone can make some new girlie thmese ?

    bcoz I like to change my themes often , and there are not many girlie themes on cydia..

    will be waiting ..

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    why not just make your own?

    it's stupid easy. especially if you use bosspaper.

    I hate all of the "Sexy Girl" of the day "themes" that are in the repo. nothing but a simple image that someone calls a theme.

    oh mean girlie as in Pink & frilly & flowery?

    have you tried "A Pink Leather" yet? it was $2, but my wife loves it on her 3G. that and a few custom backgrounds of the kids using BossPaper and she is pretty happy with it.
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    you mean girlie as in Pink & frilly & flowery?
    exactly !

    I have almost tried every single theme there..

    I liked NY the most , but got bored of it lately.. there are pretty pink themes as well, but at some point I get bored..

    how can i make my own themes.. i will be grateful if u post some tips..

    thnx for replyin'..

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    I assume you know how to SSH and such?

    if not, please search this site and read on how to SSH.

    SSH into your Stash/Theme folder and grab a theme you like. put it onto your computer and poke around.

    that is how I learned to theme. I grabbed a few themes I liked, poked around, and then started playing. Change 1 thing at a time and see where it gets you. for the images, keep the same dimensions when you replace them.

    it's confusing at first, but not hard. icons can be a bear. I typically have 5-10 different themes mixed 'n matches for my icons. I'm not too good at them, so I recycle.

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    thats cool..

    i am gonna learn a lot definately once i start!

    thank u !

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    I love Pretty Pink and Metal iPhone Pink the most but I agree, I wish there were more girly themes.

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    Working on one right now, sorta. Seven OS Concept has a pinkish hue to it although there will be different color options.

    I made a girlie one last year:

    Although, being a year old, the theme is currently unsupported. I plan on giving my current themes the "Kawaii" treatment when I get the chance.
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    I plan on giving my current themes the "Kawaii" treatment when I get the chance.
    please do so ..

    this theme is really beautiful!

    I thought of compining some themes together, but I really like to see good works from other ppl.. I just felt so when I wanted to make my own themes..

    so I will be waiting for your themes..

    thumps up !

    Grazie mille..


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