Everyone always says that Winterboard no longer works with the keyboard themes and UI images in keyboards. Well i Stumbled in to it and realized that that's true but only cause the images names have been changed. Because when i was messing with some themes to see if they changed the keyboard and had no luck but i noticed what when you have the globe with IAccess i noticed when you got back to default it quickly pops up with US english over the space bar and shows it as the highlighted pressed space bar of what ever you have keyboard theme. check it out if you like but iv tested it in other themes all do same thing. the reason i think is because the highlighted space bar PNG name is still the same but all the others are different causing the keyboard themes in Winterboard not to work. I been trying to figure out where to get the correct names of the newest FW but with no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong here guys but, I really don't think you need apps like IAccess an such to get the keyboards.

thanks matt aya logan