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Thread: Help GreatlyAppreciated. PLEASE READ.

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    Default Help GreatlyAppreciated. PLEASE READ.
    First off, i'd like to say hi to everybody. I'm brand new to the forums and i'm just getting used to it. On the other hand. I've been doing some research into SSH'ing and TRYING to learn how to make themes from scratch for my iPod Touch. After hours of looking up YouTube tutorials and googling pages after pages of help. I find my self stumped, and frustrated. Earlier today I was randomly browsing YouTube when I came across this video of a custom theme on an iPod Touch. This theme caught my eye extremely fast due to my extreme interest in what the theme was. It was a custom Ps3 theme. But he had no link in cydia for it. Which led me to believe he had created it himself. This is the video.
    anyways, I have lost all hope for making themes due to my lack of knowledge and experience in this feild. I guess what i'm trying to get at here is, I need help with a very detailed tutorial of how to make a theme for iPod Touch with application logos and unlock sounds. I'd like to get as close to that theme as i possibly can. If ANYBODY would be willing to help me along with this. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated. I know there probably has been multiple posts about help for this. But I can assure you i'm not some 14 year old boy that just wants to know how to put some Halo background on his iPod. I'm open to any kind of help or support. Please message me with any information you have regarding help with creating themes. Thank you.

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    Basically, creating a theme is 95% just creating images using something like Photoshop....or a good alternative and something open-source (free) is an app called "Gimp" (google it).

    Your gonna have to learn your way around creating images first.

    After that, actually creating a "theme" is just placing the right files in the correct folders basically. My advise would be to download a theme and just look at how it is setup in your file browser, you'll see what Im talking about.

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    There are a few themes on Cydia that are based off of PS icons. If you use a bunch of them (of course for yourself and not redistributing it to the public) you might achieve what you need. You can search the web for these icons or wallpapers too. It's hard to give a really detailed guide but what I'd recommend is what I used to do. When I say used to it's cuz I don't do it anymore I found winterboard really lags my phone and I just don't theme anymore (anybody who comes in saying oh WB doesn't affect your phone that much blah blah well for me it does. I run on 57MB of free memory vs 27MB just to clarify that :]) but yeah here's what I used to do.

    I used to download the very most complete themes and use them as a basis to see what kind of files or folders needed to change things like UI sounds or wallpapers or icons and so on. You really have to just play around with these themes to get a grasp. There are themes that are so complete that they cover EVERYTHING and you can follow it and utilize the theme just personalize it with your own icons, sounds, images, etc.

    It's pretty straightforward if you read the folder names to know what goes where and what format images or icons should be in. You should download themes you like as a beginner and copy and paste to your desktop then move sound or image files around from different themes to customize to your own preference. As you advance, you can Photoshop your own icons and just use other themes as a template for knowing where things go. There are folders like Icons (for your main springboard icons) and UIsounds (for like the lock/unlock sounds or new mail/text/voicemail sounds etc) and UIimages (for like the pop up notification look or your volume up/down image and much more). You have a lot to learn and a lot of practice to get it all down, but eventually you should get a hang of it and figure out what you are totally capable of.

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