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Thread: Winterboard putting iPhone into safe mode on OS 3.1

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    Default Winterboard putting iPhone into safe mode on OS 3.1
    IS anyone else having this problem on 3.1? Removing Winterboard stops safe mode from coming up so it is the problem for me.



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    yop, me too!
    Winterboard 0.9.2796-1

    Grrr I know what's happening, I had the same problem when installing 3.0 a couple of months ago
    We need Winterboard 0.9.2939-, I don't know why Cydia still shows the old version after a new JB... Last time my solution was to reJailbreak... Don't know If I wan't to do it tonight do.
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    any update on this? Anyone else having the same issues?? I just finished syncing and after installing winterboard I have the same issue..


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    me 2 on 2 diff iphones

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    when i search for winterboard i got 0.9.2993.1 this should be the newest version but still the same problem -> SAFE MODE.

    i think saurik needs a little bit

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    Yeah everyone on 3.1 is having this issue.



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    Yeah, I'm having the same problem and it annoyed me but it's good to see that I'm not the only one.
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    add me to the list...

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    same here, hope this gets resolved soon

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    me too

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    Yep... took forever to figure out what it was. Re-broke once tooo

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    Hopefully a solution will be out soon
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    Had same problem with Winterboard. Also tried loading the G2 MMS hack on my G2 iPhone... had to totally reinstall my pwned 3.1. I've done this ... oh ... 4 or 5 times today. There are way too many Cydia apps and hacks that need to be updated.

    This is my last reinstall tonight. I am installing Open SSH ... and that's it! I'm afraid to install anything else right now.

    At least my phone is working with T-mobile again!

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    nothing fails except winterboard for me now ..ohh btw sbsettings seems somehow problematic ..
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    same here plus i'm not getting "more info" on the packages screen in cydia

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    at least it goes back to normal after removing winterboard. hope it get's fixed soon. I hate the default iPhone screen and dock.

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    Whatever, I just started theming withouth winterboard and im enjoying the slight snappiness without winterboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekidd View Post
    Whatever, I just started theming withouth winterboard and im enjoying the slight snappiness without winterboard
    how do you do "theming" without winterboard?

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    Work now after the MobileSubtrate-Update.

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    The issue is resolved, at least for me and as far as I can tell, after installing an updated Mobile Subtrate via Cydia.

    I missed winterboard.

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