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Thread: No matter what, winterboard wont work..

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    Default No matter what, winterboard wont work..
    Am I the only person that just cant get winterboard to work...?

    Ive recently jailbroken my phone (many times now) And I initially installed stormboard from cydia and it broke my iphone. Not knowing this was the reason, I next installed winterboard default, and that did the same thing, restarted iphone then gave me the apple icon of death.

    Today I installed mobile substrate twice on 3.0 and 3.01 both fresh jailbreaks with nothing else, and both times when it asked to restart the springboard, it just had the little circle going around and around. I left it for a while, nothing changed, restarted iphone and apple icon again. Am I missing something crucial or am I just really unlucky? Should I just wait for the next update of something for this to work... :/

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    yeah .. im having the same problem too ... im using 3G with firmware 3.0.1

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    after you jailbroke your phone, did you sync from a back-up in iTunes?

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    No. I jailbroke it. Updated cydia, installed mobile substrate and it broke. It was the first and only thing I tried to install...

    Although to add some light, I jail broke again, and installed some other apps, restarted and I still got the apple icon. So now im running std iphone for fear of never being able to restart.

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    Did u restore and then jailbreak?!

    But good

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    Yeah I did. restored to 3.01. Jailbroke, installed mobile substrate, iphone didnt like, broken :/

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    My solution to this problem was: Update Cydia but don't install winterboard from there.
    Once Cydia is updated add the as a source and install Icy. Once ICY is installed > install Winterboard and that should work.

    And please let me know if this works..

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    Mmm. Ok. What makes you think this will work though? What about icy will make winterboard work when cydia didn't?

    Completely unrelated question, but how long does it take you guys to boot your iphones from it being turned off to getting to the springboard? Since i got my iphone I jailbroke it and havent ever done a normal restart...until how long should I wait before I know its frozen...?

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    takes a few mins - because of all of the crap that is installed.

    I think cydia is the problem winterboard is not working - there seems to be an issue i tried over 20 restores and they didn't help. I tried Icy and installed winterboard and it worked right out of the box.
    Also I downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 and baseband is 5.11 (if that helps i don't know)

    and remember to start fresh (complete restore) and then Jailbreak, Cydia > ICY > Winterboard..
    but try it before restoring and let me know if it works..that will save tons of time waste..


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    Ok cool. Thanx a lot. Ill give that a shot when I get home. Since I restored last night and installed some stuff today, Ill have to restore and jailbreak again to try this.

    Will let you know how it goes when I get home from work

    Mmmm. So I did what you suggested, and its already better than having a bricked phone, but now my springboard wont load. Just goes into safe mode and gives me option to restart springboard, but nothing changes...What do I do now? :/

    Dude. I could kiss you! Its working perfectly. Just as you said.

    Only problem I had was installing off ICY was that when I rebooted, the ICY packages werent up to date or something, and I had a problem with springboard, so i went into cydia and updated the packages, restarted springboard again, and everything is working now! stoked! ;d
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    hmmm ... i found out that , some parts in winter board are working but some are not ... i realize that " UserLockBackground " are not working ... i try renaming my own background to LockBackground.png and placed in theme > my folder name > LockBackround.png ... i then went to winterboard and activate it , but it dosent work ... but the files in > my folder name > UISounds : are working , and > my folder name > Bundles : are working ... weird ... then only file i cant get to work is LockBackground.png ...
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    Last thing I seem to be having a problem with...

    Winterboard works now. The default works well from what I can tell, havent had enough time to install other themes etc. But! I tried installing ******** and ********** etc and that seems to not like winterboard. It just freezes my phone when I exit **********...

    If i reboot then, it just gives me apple of death. Any ideas why this would be? I think this is the 2nd time now that this has happened...compatability issues or something that anyone knows of?

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    great that you got winterboard working...but I believe there are issues with Winterboard and yeah my phone freezes a lot too.. that might be due to apple's changes that are made to the whole system and re-arrangement of folders.
    I installed the HTC Sense UI and it works great but I do have issues with my phone just freezing all over.. If you are stuck on Apple Death just reset the phone (Hold Power + Home button) for like 5 secs.

    I have been reading a lot of other forums and what not and User Lock Background is working i believe..
    Try moving the theme you have your lock background in above everything else.

    Your LockBackground.png should be in your theme's root folder, e.g.:

    and do u have any other plugins?
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