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Thread: SMS background

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    Default SMS background
    Hey all,

    I want to get this straight. Can you change the SMS background on firmware 3.0? Read the forums, and people say either they can, or either they can't.. But there isn't a clear answer as of yet... So if it's possible how, and if it's not then it's not...

    Thanks Guys,

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    No. Balloons yes but background no.

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    Alright that helps... It's just that so many people are saying it's possible, but how they say it, it doesn't work... So is the background just a color?

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    you can, but not with winterboard. you have to add repository and download setwallpaper then go into settings>wallpaper and click on the picture you want and click on the "i" in the top left of the screen

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    worked for me,thanks

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    I searched for in Cydia and found nothing. How do add the repo if you can't find it through search?

    Nevermind. I figured how to manually type in a repo. Couldn't get the app to work though. Couldn't find it anywhere... Not in settings and not on the springboard.
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    finally found the solution guys.. watch this video i found on youtube: [ame=]YouTube - how to put SMS wallpaper on iphone 3g and 3gs 3.0 and other cracks[/ame]

    he teaches you how to download setwallpaper from cydia and also how to set your own custom wallpaper for your sms background. hope that helps!

    also after you installed setwallpaper, go to settings>wallpaper>pick your own wallpaper, click on the left i and hold it until some chinese stuff pops up and then it will automatically go back to the home screen/springboard. shut off power, turn on, and sms background should've changed.

    should work. i have a 3gs with 3.0.1. software.

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    This package doesn't do well with Winterboard or something. It disabled "No Docked Icon Labels". And it disabled my glowing blue icon labels. Oh well. Why does the repo have a bunch of free versions of paid apps on it though?

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    Did the same for me!

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    the source is "". If cydia doesn't find it, restart your phone. reload cydia.

    and that is one funny youtube clip of the guy showing us how to get it working.
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    Winterboard was updated!!!

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    Is the BG issue fixed in the new update?

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    Yes it is my friend! If only they couldve fixed the keyboard...

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    Is there anything special to getting the background to fill when in landscape? It looks as if the background is still in portrait when I rotate.

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    FINALLY ALL!!!! THE WINTERBOARD UPDATE CAME OUT!!! You can all use winterboard to change SMS Themes!!!! Just update in cydia and all should be working fine! Thank you Saurik so much for the final update of Winterboard!


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    image must be 480 x 480 to work in landscape mode for SMS.

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    That's completely fine with me... Even if it only worked for normal mode in SMS I would care less.. I have been waiting for the winterboard update so long and finally it came out. Now I can mod my own themes without a problem.


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