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Thread: Faster winterboard! Working Weather Icon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 23qwerty View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by tosbsas View Post
    and if you wanna use supreme preferences and only springboard setting for now you just have to change a file (Developer told me and it works)

    "I'm looking at extending the settings to let you pick any app to apply WinterBoard to (Settings in this case).

    This would be great, because with "Springboard Only" enabled, it also disabled at SMS tone customizations I've made that Winterboard handles. And hey, those don't slow the iPhone down at all.

    I'd like it if Winterboard Settings let us choose exactly which apps and customizations were enabled, as opposed to just "All" or "Springboard Only."

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    Try using my file from post 31 - should let you keep using sounds - although they definitly use ram and that definitly slows down your iPhone

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    Yes, it appears I could use that, tosbsas,but it also looks like if I ever toggled that "Springboard Only" feature off, it reverts the plist file. Toggling the "Springboard Only" back on, and the setting reverts back to it's original form and I'd have to SFTP that modified file back in. All in all, a bit of a pain for something that's meant to make things easier and faster, I think...

    I have very minimal SBsettings mods, no skins on my Sprinboard and no new icons. Just a different battery icon, AT&T icon, and Native tap to unlock. So this isn't a huge deal to me.

    As far as the custom SMS tones go, they're small and serving as replacements for the stock... can't imagine they take up more RAM than the stock choices and if so, it's pretty darn minimal. Are all of them loaded all the time, or just the one you've selected in Settings -> Sounds? In any case, I haven't noticed any slowdown on mine, at least.

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    I know that it does that reversal thing - actually stimpy5050 is working and giving as a bigger settings option, but in the meantime (:-))

    As far as I know it got proven that uisounds slow down the iphone (:-)) But as you don't see that (:-)) I did my setup that way that I stored the modified lst file in another folder I can access with ifile - that way I can do it all on the phone (:-))

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    Gotcha tosbas. Nice idea about keeping that file in a folder you can move/copy over as needed. What iPhone app do you use for that kind of file management?

    Also good to know stimpy5050 is working to improve the Winterboard Settings app. That'll be sweet indeed.

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    I use ifile -best there is imho

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