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Thread: [Help]Summerboard + Customize equaled Awesome.

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    Default [Help]Summerboard + Customize equaled Awesome.
    Well it used to... Then came 3.0 and bye bye SMB and Customize -_-

    Don't get me wrong, Winterboard is cool and all but I hate it's interface. I miss being able to switch on/off theme wallpaper. Switch on/off wallpaper, etc..

    I would like to make a theme that I can change the wallpaper for without changing the lock screen background.

    For example (before I updated 1.1.3 to 3.0)

    I have a summerboard theme named "Customize" (or any random name)

    In Customize I have a directory of all my wallpapers "SMBwallpaper"

    I modify Customize to replace the "Wallpaper.png" in the summerbard "Customize" theme folder with one of the wallpapers from customize "SMBwallpaper" folder.

    Is there anyway to do something like this in Winterboard?

    Ive been asking about this for along time now, and no one seems to be able to help.

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    well winterboard runs by .theme files (basically folders with .theme in the end haha) and the lockscreen pic is called lockscreen.png whereas the wallpaper (the pic behind your icons) is called wallpaper.png pretty simple right?
    the cool thing about winterboard though, is that theres hella room for customization. you can have a different wallpaper per page (like a panorama) or .html files (which allow picture changing, widget addons, etc)

    To have the panorama pic, just get any group of 320x480 pics and name it in the order of Page0.png, Page1.png, Page2.png, Page3.png, etc. (page0 being the first page) Hope this helps! and wow you really missed alot between 1.1.3 and 3.0 O.o i remeber when i first jailbroke my ipod touch, and that was when itunes didnt have the APP STORE! all homebrew! haha. i recently rejailbroke for the free games

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