I see many tutorials for creating Themes/Icons etc., and they seem to all be for the iPhone and I am just wondering if this process works the same for the iPod touch?? I have downloaded Paintnet because many say it is just as good as Photoshop, and I have Gimp and WinSCP already downloaded to my Vista. So my question is this, can I use what I have to create my own Themes/Icons etc. for my iPod touch? I want to get started on this, but I feel that the tutorials are not made for newbies and not to be rude they are not specific enough in what you need completely. Like if there is a tutorial for newbies on how to create Themes/Icons etc. for their iPod touches, and to start from the beginning. So if you can state exactly what they would need to begin with (like what programs to use or download) then what you would need to convert the Themes/Icons/Wallpaper/Docks to png format and then to WinSCP to transfer to the iPod touch. Not saying that the tutorials are not good or informative but they are not easy to follow for newbies, so not to step on feet but can someone create a step by step easy to read on how to create Themes/Icons etc. for newbies. I do have one member interested, but if someone could join him on this that would be great. I just want to get started and also once I get the hang of it, I can than share them with others like many do on here.

Thanks, TheCrow13