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Thread: Sound File Problem

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    Default Sound File Problem
    Hey guys,

    Ive been trying to create my own itouch theme and I have a problem.

    Ive been trying to use a sound recorded in windows sound recorder

    I first tried just changing the extension name from wma to caf and the file wouldnt even play on my computer

    Then i found a free wma to mp3 converter (to try to make a "bridge" between filetypes) and then changed the file extension from mp3 to caf... and HEY! It works on my computer

    ...but it wont work on my ipod

    now that you have the story heres some of the info that might be helpful in diagnosing my problem

    I have successfully changed a non-windows soundrecorder file to a caf that does work

    my files are named Tock.caf (45.1kb) and new-mail.caf (59.2kb)

    Thanks In Advance

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    I would say you need to double/triple check to make sure you are naming the files exactly correct...and remember that upper/lower case count! Also, make sure you are placing the files in the correct place.

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    .mp3's must be converted to .aif, THEN renamed to .caf

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    hey thanks do you know a free mp3 to aif converter

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    you can do all this in iTunes, i posted a guide on how to do this in another thread, ill find it for you

    Quote Originally Posted by lach View Post
    You can do all this in iTunes
    put your audio file in iTunes,
    right click>get info>options

    then choose the start and stop time,
    then click okay

    then right click on the audio file you modified> click "Create AIFF Version"

    Then once it has converted it, locate the file, and change the extensions from .aiff to .caf

    If using windows, make sure under "folder options" you have the setting set to viewing the file extensions.

    Thats all there is to it

    If your iTunes doesnt show the "Create AIFF Version" then let me know and ill let ya know how to get this option, you just need to fiddle round with the settings to get it . I cant remember the exact way to do it atm.

    Once you have the sounds you want, simply SSH into your phone with WinSCP and replace the originals (BUT REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINALS!!!!!!! just rename the originals to soundBACKUP.caf etc). When replaceing the sounds make sure you rename them with the EXACT same name, otherwise it wont work.

    You can use winterboard to customize system sounds to
    place all your system sounds in /private/var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX/theme name.theme/UISounds

    and rename them as


    I think thats all these is to it
    Quote Originally Posted by lach View Post
    No worries
    yeah i didnt think it would be there,
    i remembered

    open iTunes, edit> preferences> General> import settings> then click on the drop box that is next to import using and select AIFF Encoder

    now when you try do the method i explained above, you should be able to right click on the file and convert to AIFF

    remember, backup ya originals incase there are any mistakes, if you do this right you will be able to use your own ones .
    and i believe there are sound limits on some system sounds in order for them to work!
    Hope this info helps mate
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    Yep, I do all my conversions in iTunes as well.

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