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Thread: Lock Screen Inconsistency

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    Default Lock Screen Inconsistency
    iPhone 3g w/ Firmware 2.2.1
    Jailbroke w/ QuickPWN
    Cydia Installed / Installer NOT Installed
    Winterboard Installed w/ Custom Theme (Wallpaper & Icons Only)
    Blueflame Lock Screen Theme Installed

    When my iPhone is docked w/ the USB cable the Blue Flame Lock Screen is enabled, however, as soon as I unplug the iPhone from my computer it changes back to the default Globe Lock Screen. This is the only inconsistency that I have noticed.

    Any thoughts???

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    The blueflame isnt a lockscreen.....

    Its a battery.

    Thats why it only shows when its plugged in.

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    That makes sense, lol.

    Shouldn't it display the battery even when it's not plugged in though like the default green battery?

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    no it shows the green one in the top left. the big one only shows when its being charged
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    No. It wont.

    But, if you wanna use it as a background...if you know how to SSH into your phone you can take the last battery image file (should be BatteryBG_17.png) and copy it to your main theme folder then rename it to "LockBackground.png" and it will be your lockscreen wallpaper, but not a function battery.

    And, the default green battery only shows when the phone is plugged in also.

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    Well then I've been pulling my hair out over nothing, lol.

    Thanks for the help - I've only had an iPhone for about a week, but I would have gotten one long ago if I knew you could do all this to it.

    Thanks again.

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    ^^^there is SOOOOOO much you can do with it. feel free to ask around if you have any questions
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    ^Well, better late then never

    Welcome to MMi

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    ^^^^some users would call that "post whoring". hahahaha

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    ^More like post thievery

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    It would be cool if you could have an option to always show battery life however... oh well.

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    "Post Thievery" <-- I like that :-)

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