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Thread: WbApp and Status Bar icons

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    Default WbApp and Status Bar icons
    I am a bit confused on one issue. I have been using WbApp to set up my Weatherwidget and at some point I decided to use the StatusBar_tiny option on my wallpaper, which displays temperature and weather icon on the status bar, pretty much in the same location in which notifications used to be displayed (missed phone calls with the little phone icon, unread e-mails with the little envelope icon, unread sms with the little balloon icon).

    Today I decided to turn off the Weatherwidget to see whether my notifications would work and I realized I don't see any little icon on the status bar, even when I do have missed calls, unread e-mails, etc.

    I have been running 2.1 only for the last 4 days, so I am not fully familiar with it and I am not sure what's the problem. I wonder whether those notifications don't work anymore on 2.1. I am also confused because I remember than in the days of 1.1.4 (maybe even earlier) I used to have a little app from Installer called Taskbar Notifier that used to do the job. I have been running 1.1.4 until last week, when I first restored my custom 2.0.2 and a couple of days later I restored my custom 2.1, so I am not sure whether they disappeared with my 2.0.2 restore (did not pay attention).

    So, my questions are:

    1. Does FW 2.1 have those notifications (little icons on the status bar for missed calls, etc)? How about previous FWs?

    2. If yes, is it possible that using the StatusBar_tiny option of Weatherwidget in WbApp I have somehow damaged those notifications?

    3. If stock 2.1 (and maybe even earlier FWs) does not have those notifications (in which case I guess I used to have them only because of taskbar notifier) is there something similar to taskbar notifier for 2.1?

    Thanks for any help in clarifying this
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