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Thread: how to make your own winterboard theme Tutorial

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    Default Help!!!!!!!!!
    Please somebody I need help! When I open up the bundles folder, theres this app called EQu, I name the folder com.elephantcandy.Equ and I name the image inside EQu.png and the icon stays as default for my theme, I really don't want to put this image in the icons folder because they can only be set at 60X60, if i try any square larger, it makes the icon as big as the screen, so what do i name the icon or how do i make images have higher quality for apps in the icons folder without the 60X60 requirement please reply asap! :s

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    Most of the images are gone...ANyways of getting them back?

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    Can this get an update? A lot of the system files are in different places now that iOS has updated so much since 2008.

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    Agreed, I have been looking all over and haven't found a comprehensive tutorial for newer iOS's yet

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    Yes, this guide is quite out of date. I'm running iOS 6.1 and followed the steps to apply a Dialer theme I created and it doesn't change the images. I can copy my new Dialer images directly into the /Applications/ folder and it applies just fine. However, trying to use the Winterboard process/method, and then re-springing, nothing changes. My assumption is Winterboard needs to be updated to accomodate the new file location and names, but again, this guide (and files and locations) is out of date and should be updated.

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    Default Make Your Own lockscreen theme for iOS 6.1.x
    This idea was brewing for a long time in my head.
    Now I have finished it, still at a very simple level, but a stepping stone for further add-ons.
    OK, what is a "Make Your Own" lockscreen theme?
    Let's start with some screen shots.

    These are not 4 different themes, but all from one and the same theme!
    It is a lockscreen theme that everybody can make and change to just the way they like it, NO CODING involved!
    It is all done through a graphical interface on the springboard and the settings saved in a database, which then is read by the LockBackground.html.
    So, how does it work?
    After installing - btw I have set 3 tweaks as dependencies, but not sure if that works, should do!
    The 3 tweaks needed are Lockscreen Clock Hide, Lockscreen Dim Delay and Wallpaper JPEGifier. All free on Cydia!
    Now, after installing and a quick respring (needed to see the "MYO Setup" icon on the springboard), you will see the "MYO Setup" icon new on your home screen.

    Tap this icon and the first of 3 configuration pages opens.

    Here you set the time format, 24 hour or 12 hour AM/PM with or without seconds, the font for the time (selection of 11 fonts build in), the font size, the distance from the top and the left - see the time display as a rectangle and the top left corner is always used to set the distance from the top and the left. Then you choose the font color (white, black, red, green, blue are build in), but you can select "Custom color" and then set your color in the field underneath. Format is in RGB, e.g. 0,255,255 would be cyan.
    Now you can do the same also for the day of the week and the date.
    Make sure you tap the "Save" button when you have finished, 2 confirmation messages will pop up, just tap "OK" each time, this is done as a feedback that your settings have been saved to a database, btw next time you open that page those saved settings from the database will be there again, which makes it much easier to adjust especially the position of the time, day and date.
    At the bottom of that page are 2 icons, left brings you to the wallpaper page

    Here you can select the background picture for your lockscreen theme, I have added 8 examples and the last one will use whatever you set in iOS as the Lockscreen wallpaper, even worked with photos from the camera roll!
    Selection is by tapping with the 2 confirmation messages.
    Third and last page is the "translation" page

    Here you can enter the names for the days of the week and the month, in your language or whatever you like (see one of my screenshots above, where I set "Sunday" to "Last weekend day" ).
    You also can use numbers for the month, again see one of my screenshots above where I set "March" to "3." so the date would look like "17.3.2013" instead of "17. March 2013". OK, get the idea?

    So that basically is it, until now
    Have fun playing with it, my son already spend hours on his 3GS to arrange and rearrange his lockscreen.

    Available from MMUS repo (, package is called "MYO"!
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    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!

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    Default i knew sum of this already
    frankly i knew some of this stuff already

    the trick is to go to cydia, download themes you want, then ssh into it using 'iphone browser' then look at how the folders are named
    and what type of files you need to convert i.e using itunes you can make aac audio merely by right clicking then rename it to eg. 'unlock.caf' for unlock and lock sounds, same audio extension if you want to make ringtones, think a max ringtone is 27 seconds, all you need to do is right click set it to 27 seconds then convert then rename it to m4r extension

    in this you said if you want a wallpaper you should rename it as a 'Wallpaper.png' but you never mentioned the dimensions

    thankgod you can use my technique if just downloading peoples themes and copying their method

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