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Thread: how to make your own winterboard theme Tutorial

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    what about custom fonts?

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    Question Problem with Other.Artwork Files
    I have extracted the other.artwork folder and modified a few images and then created a Winterboard theme folder called Test (I also tried naming it Test.theme). Inside the test folder I have Bundles folder which is empty and a UIImages folder which I placed my modified Other.Artwork files in. However, I have respringed and rebooted my iphone and the modified images are not displaying. Am I missing something?

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    Leeii15, best advice I can think of is to download a UI theme from cydia and then extract the UIImages folder from that theme.
    You can then compare the file names from that theme to your UIImages folder to see if yours are correct.

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    Unhappy UIImages Not Working
    Thanks for the suggestion THEday, but unfortunately that didn't work.

    I guess custom UIImages don't work anymore. I downloaded the Vista Mobile theme in Cydia which has plenty of custom UIImages.

    For example, I was looking at the UIButtonBarBadge.png which would change the badges in the phone app for missed calls and voicemails. I have been modifying these by extracting the Other.Artwork using iPhoneShop. I just would rather not modify that file so that I can make several themes.

    Well the Vista Mobile theme includes a custom UIButtonBarBadge.png but even it is not replacing the image in the phone app.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

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    Hi Leeii15,

    Regarding the "UIButtonBarBadge.png", I have that image in my UIImages folder and it works fine.
    First off, I'm on a 2g running 2.1.

    The image is 22x23 pixels in size.

    here are screenshots to show:

    Are any of your "UIImages folder" images showing up in your theme or just that specific one.

    I would check to see if permissions are set to 755 or 777 for that image or the folder itself just to be safe.

    Also make sure your theme is higher than other themes in the Winterboard app since Winterboard works on a hierarchy with the themes within.

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    Hi THEday,

    It seems as though none of the UIImages are showing up. I even downloaded the Perfect Storm theme to try it and still a no go with that theme.

    I did try to set permissions to 755 and then 777 and still nothing.

    For all of these I have moved each theme to the top in Winterboard and only enabled it and no other theme mods.


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    So basically everything in the theme works except for the UIImages.

    I don't know what else to try... I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    I do remember that a couple months back I had a theme in which everything worked except for the springboard strings in that theme. I tried everything to get it to work and nothing helped.

    Hopefully, someone else will chime in with a workable solution.

    But If I find a solution I will post back.

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    That's pretty much it...just the UIImages aren't working. Kind of crazy. I have tried everything including uninstalling WB and removing the themes folders then re-installing. Sort of wiping the phone entirely I guess I will have to unpack/pack the Other.Artwork file until I find a fix or someone else has any idea.

    I appreciate you suggestions THEday.

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    Is there a way to skin the Keypad when we edit the Contacts phone number? If yes, where are the .png located for that? thx

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    useful indeed

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    UI Images still work. All of my themes edit the UIImages in some way. I just tried with your UIButtonBarBadge.png. It works flawlessly.

    I would check again your image sizes. I placed it into my UIImages theme, but I believe the same effect could be achieved by placing the same file (UIButtonBarbadge) into either of the following:


    Just my suggestion. I have the definite feeling you have maybe an extra space somewhere in your file name.

    What device are you using? What firmware?
    iPhone 4- I'll start theming again

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    Hopefully one of you guys can answer this question...

    I have a graphic I'd like to use in place of the default 3G graphic (the stock one that plainly says "3G") on the status bar - going through some themes including the vista mobile one (which has been an excellent resource) I came across the files in the folder referred to as Default_EDGE_ON and FSO_EDGE_ON and substituted the graphic I found for those. Problem is I still have the default 3G graphic but there are times when the graphic I added is displayed so I am assuming that is when my phone looses 3G and goes into edge.

    Long winded story short, what would I call the graphic to have it display when my phone is in 3G? Thanks for the help.

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    Yeah you replaced the Edge icons.

    For 3G, name them: Default_UMTS_ON.png and FSO_UMTS_ON.png

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    Worked like a champ! Thanks!

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    First of all, great guide... Very useful information throughout.

    That said, I'm wondering if anybody can give me some quick tips or guide me in the direction of a tutorial for making a theme (like iNav) that's one large image with linked "buttons" within it. My impression is that it's designed much like a website image map, but I'm new to theme creation, so I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer.

    Sorry if somebody's already asked a similar question, but I'm sleep deprived and I speed-read as well as I could.

    EDIT: Do people just use Clear Icons?
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    Bookmarked Thanks for an eaasy to understand tut

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    What are the sizes for the wallpaper and icons? I've been kinda messing around with paint but now I got photoshop CS3. Easy to understand but I wanted my photo's to come out nicely on the phone.

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    SOFTARCHiVE.NET → MAiN PAGE and in search type: Png

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    This is my first post here,So, Hi everyone!

    Im into photoshop and im wondering if all i have to do is download the UIImages in the first page and just edit the stuff there?

    Thanks in adv~

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    Default thanks!
    This is great!

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