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Thread: Customize & Winterboard Theme Issues

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    Default Customize & Winterboard Theme Issues

    I downloaded the latest Customize, because I found that first and downloaded a theme or two... which installed without any issues, however, when I click to Apply it, it applies the icons/slider portions of the theme without the background. I also ran into issues with it [not] wanting to change from one theme to another. For example, I first tried out the "Buuf2" theme or whatever, and wanted to try iAqua later, and it took me a few tries to get it to change... (this problem continues on at the end*).

    So, I read about Winterboard and got that... was pretty pumped, but again, a theme that I downloaded (saying that it would work with Summerboard/Winterboard/etc), and I click to Apply it, but it is still just using my Customize partially-applied theme (iAqua). It won't use the Winterboard themes at all.

    So, I uninstalled Customize because of all the trouble it was causing me before, and how it would have weird crashes & lock ups. This did not help me out with getting Winterboard themes to work.

    [Now], as it stands, I am still stuck with my old Customize theme, even though Customize is uninstalled. Winterboard is still installed, but I haven't downloaded any new themes, since they won't actually "Apply" when it restarts.

    Could someone give me some detailed help to both *understand and find workable solutions? I really wanted to use Customize because it had so many awesome themes, but I guess Winterboard accomplishes the same task, only more simplified. Either way, I want a *GOOD* theme with a workable *BACKGROUND* to work; I've seen some awesome themes out there, and I'm stuck with some cool icons and a blank, black Wallpaper =[

    Help pease :/

    Much appreciated.

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    have u rebooted your phone after applying the winterboard theme? apparently respring isnt enough in wointerboard for it to actually apply

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    Don't feel bad. I used Customize and now i can't change my lockscreen or slider back to what i had setup on Customize.. same with my Glossy Keyboard. Grrrr. I'm probably gonna have to restore and re-jailbreak.

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    Hey, thanks!, Delphiki for the tip to restart the iPhone itself. You were correct in that, for one reason or another, it wasn't able to apply the theme itself normally.

    So that worked.

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    I to just had to restore my phone because of customize. I don't think it winterboard im just going to use that and see what happons.

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    Easy fix for lock wallpaper cannot be changed Issue:

    Use SSH

    delete /var/mobile/Library/LockBackground.jpg on your phone then go to Settings and select a new wallpaper. Fixed!
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    also there is an issue with the doxk, not changeing after its been changed a few times, i had to ssh into it and remove the dock images, and replace them with the default ones (got them for the customize2 default them backup directory, changed the names to SBDockBG.png, SBDockBG2.png) they still cant be changed though with customize, I think there is a problem with it.

    also this poped in my head as I was reading about some of the slider issues, did any of you that are haveing this issue where your sliders wont go back to normal, did you install them with cydia, or customize?

    and seeing as how its apparent that some dont like the preset themes that are being used with winterboard, is there a chance that the coder is makeing it more like customize? to where you can choose what icons you want and what docks/bars/sliders, so on and so forth? but then with that, whats the point of customize? other than the built in theme server, which I like but I think needs to be redo interface wise, manditory to SHOW what the images you are downloading look like instead of the uploaders random pic, (this got on my nerves when I browsed around and got nothing but no preview or wallpapers as the "preview...." isnt that the point of the PREVIEW... to PREVIEW it before you download it....much of customize needs to be redo, if you ssh into the directory where is saves themes... even something as simple as a dock only download, it still creats tons and tons of directories for things I and many others dont have on their phones.... hopefully winterboard will solve all this.

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    Yeah... I am just using Winterboard now, for simplicity's sake. I really don't have the patience to juggle Customize & Winterboard; it's just rediculous.

    What annoyed me, is that Customize has some amazing themes on there. I really wanted to get those to work. Winterboard has a very limited selection... I'm just using that one called "Illumination" right now, which is a simple theme that "illuminates" the icons nicely (mmmm... pretty blue App. Store icon).

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

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    the problem with customize is most likely because you were not connected to the theme server that is happening to everybody try loading it up until you dont get the server message that your internet is slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by texas19 View Post
    the problem with customize is most likely because you were not connected to the theme server that is happening to everybody try loading it up until you dont get the server message that your internet is slow

    Actually I have found the problem very rarely lies on the end user....most of these themes you will notice if you load manually through your pc or mac via ssh terminal, you will notice are incomplete, have the wrong strings, or have the permissions set all f'd up because most of them are morons, and copy/paste other people's stuff. That's great, but the commands and permissions don't always apply.

    Just learn to make your own, use other people graphics.

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    Restore and re-jailbreak. If you are running apple's 2.0.1 software then don't use both winterboard and customize. There are known issues with these programs working together and there are known issues with customize and the latest software. I'm sure this will all be fixed but I wouldn't bother with customize until it has been completely ported for the new os.

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