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    I'm so new to this its ridiculous. i have a unlocked iphone with 1.1.4 fw on it. my desktop is running on 1 modem that i'm connected to. but to make a long story short. I'm trying to put my own themes on my iphone. i dl good. put my IP addy good. I dl cuteFTP..added IP good. I dl Iphonebrowser...i go to var/library/summerboard/ and see the themes folder i have. it doesn't show on my phone. I don't know what to do. Can someone guide me to the easiest way to put themes on my phone. All help is greatly appreciated. thanx alot.

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    can you make an ad-hoc wirless network with your comp. if so, do it and connect your phone to it. Check your phones ip and connect using one of those programs. (Also, you need OpenSSH installed first)
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    Default sorry
    sorry, not that bright...what is an ad-hoc. i have installed OPENSSH. i've done this a couple times. if u could explain to me what ad- hoc that would be great. thanx

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    do you have Wi-fi! in other words so you can ssh in to your iphone?

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    You need to get an sFTP program working, but once you do, you need to go all the way back to the very top of your directory tree. There are 2 root files. The path that you laid out is not th correct one for what you want to do.

    Go to root/var/mobile/libary/summerboard/themes. I'm pretty sure thats correct, though its off the top of my head.

    Returning to the very top of the directory, it will all start to make sense, as you will see everything you have on your iphone. There are a hundred threads about winscp, I suggest you get that working first.

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    Default NO WiFi
    Sorry, i don't have a WiFi connection. How can i go around this or fix this. Do i need to go to someone with a laptop and do it from their comp?

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    You said that you tried Iphone Browser. Were you able to get the themes copied into the themes folder? If you can see it in the browser but not the phone you might need the Summerboard fix for 1.1.3/1.1.4 otherwise you might not see your themes. Try that if you are able to copy the themes onto var/library/summerboard/themes/ using iPHonebrowser and just can't see them on your phone.

    If you can't see them anywhere (on the phone or using iphonebrowser) THEN try to fix the WIfi connection issues above. It sounds like from your first post that iphonebrowser worked but you just couldn't see the actual themes in the summerboard app.

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    u sholud use iphone pc suite
    its the easiest n safe

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