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Thread: How To Load More Than One Theme?

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    Default How To Load More Than One Theme?
    Hey Guys!

    Ok so I installed the GEARS OF WAR theme. I went through Ibrickr and installed everything one by one. Now I want to have other themes such as Simpson's or Mario party. How can I install them all with out them rewriting each other and have them recognize them? Or can i only have one then remove the files and install the new one which seems to be the case.

    another question is:

    Oh yea and for example i have more than one wallpaper in the theme/icon folder i noticed i had to change the name of the one i want to wallpaper.png. Is their a way i can just tell the daum phone that gearsofwar01.png is the main wall paper or do i have to rename the origional wallpaper.png and rename the one i want?

    Thank you all again!

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    if you have 1.0.2 just install
    and summerboard. summer board will change them for you. there are differnet themes or installer you can download.
    if you have 1.1.1 i switcher works

    link for iswitcher
    link for installer

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    U cant because if you install he same file name it will over ride it.

    Or if u install all thefiles in the directory needed then selectthe theme it willjust know to usethe correct files?

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    Use summerboard like stereo said. Then you can use any wallpaper you want, just turn off the "Use theme wallpaper" option and set the wallpaper via Settings.

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    OK, I know this is an old thread....but this is what google pulled up for me. Is it really as easy as downloading and installing the "summerboard" thing for the iphone? And will that work on the 2.0 operating system?

    Is there anywhere that I can find a step by step "dummy" instruction post?

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