Hi, I'm new to the forum, I have searched quite a bit and cant quite find my exact problem on the Wikis or FAQ or by searching.

Trying to use an FTP, I Downloaded both Filezilla and WinSCP. On both of these I have no Media folder. I log on with SFTP. Where can I find my Media Folder? If I am screwing up by using sftp, could someone explain why you would you a different method over sftp?? I read the definitions, but it seems no guide really tells you why your using this over that, they just give a flat definition.

I just saw for the first time people with similair type problems(searching this morning), and the suggestion has been to go through a mobile directory(var/root/mobile or something like that), which I havent seen, but I'm not in front of it right this second to check, but all of those have been for lower firmware versions as well, so I'm not sure they apply.

I have clicked on every folder on my directory and I do not see a media file anywhere.

If someone could explain why my directory looks different I would greatly appreciate it. I did try to search, I might not have had the right keyword in there to bring up what I need.

I have a new 16g iphone original firmware 04.04.05, used iLiberty to jailbreak only...Now running 1.1.4, with BB 04.04.05.