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Thread: Complete Newb that needs help

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    Default Complete Newb that needs help
    I was told that this site has a firmware ug that will allow me to use bluetooth headphones with my iphone. i have read, but have not seen anything. The same guy told me that if i download the correct app that it would show me a list of all the things that could be changed on my iphone.
    Since I dont want to brick my phone, i thought i would ask where do i start. I am running the 1.1.4 fw. I am using windows xp.
    If someone could point me in the right direction and the correct starting point, i might be able to get it from there.

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    Im not to sure about what ur asking but as far as where to start there are a lot of great guides in the wiki section (top of the pg 4th icon "W guides") they have very detailed info and a section called "where do I start" pure coincidence though lol.

    But u r in the right place Welcome to MMI!
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    I read threw where to start, and im a bit nervous about bricking my phone, so i may not have got all the info i needed out of it lol. So i will read threw all that stuff again and if im still lost i will beg beg and beg some more for help.

    downloaded ziphone, used jailbreak and everything is good to go. How do i make it possible to use bluetooth headphones with my iphone? Do i have to install a a2dp software package. I really am a newb here and kind of lost with how to do this.
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    so far you cant use bluetooth headphones with iphone
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    well that sucks. thats the only thing i wanted to change with the phone. Guess i will wait and see what happens.

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