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Thread: Youtube Jacked Up

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    Default Youtube Jacked Up
    what the hell is going on. youtube doesnt work. I know I need some kind of pacay file but can someone explain to me where to get it and how to install it.

    many people have this problem with iphones with firmware 1.0.2, with tmobile usage, so if someone could post a reply with a detailed answer, I am sure everyone will appreciate your help! Please post here thanks

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    dude, all i had to do in mine was to disable the "ask to join network" option. Works fine now. its as simple as that

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    I guess your facing problems over EDGE.
    Here's the download link for PACAY

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    Default Pacay¡¡?
    I feel thick, everyone seems to know how to use pacay, but all I get when I downlad is a file with an extension for realplayer...can anyone please share how to unpack that or what application to use?

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    Default Youtube problems with the crack
    Hello team, I tried what Joshua02381 suggested disabling the "ask to join network" but with the same result. My iphone is telling me "CANNOT CONNECT TO YOUTUBE". Also my friend tried the pacay application with the same result. mex_24 sorry but I have no idea how to do that my fried tried that.

    Thanks guys, some info will be very helpful

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    the guys that have tmobile, pacay works no matter what, its all in the INTERNET PLAN u have for ur phone. if u have the t-zones plan, u won't be able to search for videos, but ONLY play previously loaded videos that u might have gotten when u were connected thru Wi-Fi.

    if u want ur youtube to fully work, meaning all functions such as "search, featured, most played..." u need to have the "TOTAL INTERNET PLAN" from tmobile and update ur preference plist....further info can be found here...
    ░▒▓█ Working iPhone v2.0.1 with T-Mobile
    ░▒▓█ Call In/Out ► Yes/Yes
    ░▒▓█ SMS In/Out ► Yes/Yes
    ░▒▓█ WiFi/EDGE ► Yes
    ░▒▓█ YouTube App ► Yes
    ░▒▓█ Voicemail ► Yes
    ░▒▓█ iVolume v1.3 MOD ► Yes

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    Default GETTING YOU TUBE TO WORK WITH iPhone 1.0.2

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    Default Youtube problems with the crack
    Thanks for answer me. Actually I can be sure that with t-mobile the PACAY will work, I use TELCEL here in Mexico. The funny thing here is why one iphone is not working and the other it's working. I cracked, well actually my friend cracked 4 iphones, 2 are working excellen using youtube and the other 2 are not working, actually work excellent but without youtube. Why is working in 2 devices and why is not, I used exactely the same steps to unblock those.

    Thanks again guys.

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