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Thread: someone please tell me...

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    Default someone please tell me...
    why i cant jailbreak my phone on windows? i downloaded ziphone and it keeps telling me that some of the files couldnt be zipped. it doesnt work. can someone please help? its getting really annoying. i want to use iplus but i dont know how to. any help would be very appreciated.

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    Hey there,

    I had big troubles trying to use ZiPhone as well, and turned to iLibirty which also failed me (but probably would work fine for most). I recommend using the iPlus, which made it quite simple for me. In fact, the iPhone Toolkit makes it even more simple.

    What firmware are you on? I assume you are running windows.. which version?

    Edit: I see you said Vista and 1.1.4 in your profile - same here. Try getting this running and use it to run iPlus with your iPhone connected via USB.
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    i used iplus2.0b to jailbreak and unlock my 1.1.4....and it was by far the easiest thing i've done. you have to unzip iplus on your desktop. first click on "run" under START and in the box type "cmd" and press enter
    should look something like this:

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    CDocuments and Settings\Jiggykilla>"type" cd desktop "press the enter key"

    CDocuments and Settings\Jiggykilla\Desktop>"type" cd iplus2.0 "press enter again"

    CDocuments and Settings\Jiggykilla\Desktop\iPlus2.0>"type" iplus -u "and finally press enter"

    thats it just wait until it finishes and walla!
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    thank you but a few more questions. which mirror do i download for b 0.3? i just started downloading mirror 1 so im hoping thats right. after that is done downloading, do i have to download iplus seperately? if i do, can you send me a link on downloading it? im sorry but im new with the iphone. all i want to do is jailbreak it safely so i can get all those awesome apps. again, i appreciate any help

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    Matty, the link I provided in my above post will give you a program which will let you easily run iPlus and jailbreak your iPhone without any hassle, and you will have all those great apps at your fingertips.

    As for your mirror question, I'm not sure about the specifics of which download you're even referring to, but a mirror is just a place to get a download from, so any of them will work. They are only there for when one mirror is down or overloaded, the other mirror (or server) can pick up the load. It's to keep the software available even through server troubles, basically. Any mirror that downloads for you should be fine.

    Oh, and if you still need the link to download iPlus, I've seen a few having troubles finding it but I found this link in the ModMyI IRC Channel a few minutes ago.
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    I had this problem, I just reset my computer
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