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Thread: Manual upgrade firmware to 1.0.2

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    Default Manual upgrade firmware to 1.0.2

    I was given an awesome 8GB iphone as a present. However, it has the old firmware 1.0.1. iTunes asked if I wanted to upgrade to the 1.1.1 and I chose no. I want the 1.0.2 firmware so I can brick and install 3rd party apps. I downloaded the 1.0.2 firmware already. Does anyone know how I can install the 1.0.2 firmware manually since I can't go thru iTunes anymore? Thanks in advance.


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    Default manual upgrade
    instead of just clicking Restore, click SHIFT+Restore (in Windows) or OPTION+Restore (in OS X), and iTunes will ASK you which firmware file you want to use to restore. Then choose the 1.0.2 file you just downloaded. This will allow you to update to 1.0.2, instead of 1.1.1.


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    I read the guide "starting from scratch." It's good but I didn't see anywhere where you can actually tell iTune to look for the downloaded firmware. The way the guide upgraded the firmware from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 was thru iTune in which the firmware with Apple was still 1.0.2. But now that the firmware is at 1.1.1, I can't let iTune download it. So can you tell me how I can get iTune to install my downloaded 1.0.2 or did I miss something in your suggestions?

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    yes you are going to use itunes
    click SHIFT+Restore (in Windows) or OPTION+Restore (in OS X)

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    Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. But can I do this step on a brand new out of the box phone? Wouldn't iTune just ask me to activate the phone and not give me the option to restore since restoring is only for an already activated iPhone? If so, how can I get to the step for a brand new unactivated phone to restore manually?

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    Default 1.01 manual restore firmware problem!
    I tried manually updating the iPhone firmware on a pc but it failed. Now i'm stuck with an iPhone asking to connect to iTunes. Any suggestions how I might be able to get 1.01 back on my iPhone. That was the original firmware on my iphone, but my last resort is connecting to itunes and then restoring using latest firmware!!! I'm screwed...need help!

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    The same thing happened to me. I just went back to and downloaded the new version of Itunes, but just a heads up if you do so mostlikely it will happened what happened to me. Everything in your phone will be gone and you will starting with a un-activated phone mostlikely with the new 1.1.1 Firmware on it too. I havent been able to brake into yet. If somebody does shoot me an email or something.

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    First put your phone in restore mode. You can accomplish this by holding the power and home button until a yellow triangle shows up saying please connect to itunes. When the iphone is connected to itunes it will ask you if you want to restore and update. At this point you select the "hell no" option. Now hold shift (if using windows)/ option (if using OSX) and click the restore button. Now look for the 1.0.2 firmware you downloaded, and click open. Finally itunes should be extracting the 1.0.2 update you downloaded. You should now have a phone with 1.0.2

    This only works if you have not updated to 1.1.1 yet. If you have, then you should walk up to a mirror in your house (preferably a big one) and say "cry more noob."

    apparently downgrades may be possible now. So if you messed up and updated to 1.1.1 see the following link.
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