It seems to me that a lot of folks out there are struggling to find previous back ups for their apple software, let alone trying to down grade once they have what they need. There must be dozens of different methods of finding this and other useful data that windows and apple don't want you to see !!!
So this is just my personal approach to the problem. I am not going to tell folks step by step instructions, cus I don't want the problem of BLAME when someone cocks up, and locks there self out of there Pc.
As this is probably not the best advice you could have. But windows only let's you use or see about 20% of what's there, and being an administrator isn't worth a toss! You need to be in charge of windows not as it is the otherway round, so for those of you who can already look deeper than the letter C: on your Pc, if you use the security tabs on the properties of most things including windows, the C: drive , system 32 and so on , change the permission so they do not inherit from the parent folder, you can then add / delete users , even delete or stop the system from access, but be warned you can do some damage if ya don't have a clue, but if ya do it right, say combined with showing all super hidden files and folders in regedit, you will then find anything by just typing in the search bar/ box , before trying this I would read up in depth on the different aspects of it,as I have not so much told you what to do , but more gave you something 2 think about, into why you carnt find what you are looking for and know is on your Pc. and but it works 4 me. Now I run my Pc not the otherway round