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Thread: iPhone stuck in reboot loop Help!

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    Default iPhone stuck in reboot loop Help!
    I'm having some seriouse issues here, And i really need help with it.

    Well i guess ill give you the details of my phone and computer first.

    Phone: 3G iPhone running 3.2.1 OS jailbroken using Blackra1n

    Computer: Windows Vista (Laptop) Windows XP (Desktop)

    Now to the issue at hand....

    Two days ago now my iphone went all bananas it lost connection to rogers said "no service" So i held my power button and slid it to off, Now i went to power it back on after 10 or so seconds, And now its just stuck in reboot loop... Apple logo then a little spinning wheel and then it will just flash and reboot again and again and again....

    Oh and the super awesome part is this... It wont connect to ether my PC or laptop (wont reconize/connect) andthe Home Button is broken....

    Anything i can do here guys? I had major issues with my ipod touch about 7 months ago and came here and had awesome help and got it working again so im hoping to get the same help again and hopefully get my iphone back.

    Ive noticed 170 views and no replys does this mean i'm pretty much scewed?

    I'm really hoping not because if so ill have to buy another iphone or take out a 3 year contract and that i don't want to do.

    I was thinking of having the home button fixed theres a shop in my town that does it and it only takes 2 hours they said and it will cost me 130$ for a new home button at that point you would think i would be able to put it into DFU mode correct? and thus allowing my laptop or desktop to reconize is and restore/rejailbreak it yes?
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    CaNe1313, I would check ebay for a parts phone, they can be had for far less than $130.00 and you'll have a dead body to swap other parts from as they go south. It's not too hard to work on these things if you have a steady hand AND are technically inclined w/some experience ie: fix'd yer psp, ds ipod etc. good luck to yah!
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