Hi- I've been googleing all over and can't find an answer, maybe someone here can help:
I have a netbook with Windows 7 that I initially synced my Iphone with. After I jailbroke with redsnow,I was never able to sync again- I kept getting an error message "unable to load provider data from sync services". I eventually gave up trying.

The other day, after downloading something from cydia, my phone froze completely, and I had to restore. I was able to do that, but had to download a new file, since it didn't recognize my phone.

I jailbroke again... and can't sync again. My netbook thinks the iphone is a camera, and asks what I would like to do when I plug it in. Itunes gives me the same message "unable to load provider data from sync services"

So now I'm annoyed and would like to forget trying to sync with the netbook, and use my laptop instead. It has WinXP and I haven't downloaded Itunes yet.

Is there a way to sync on the laptop without loosing my cydia apps?

Thanks for any suggestions!