So I was trying to get ready so I could jailbreak my 3Gs phone when 3.1 and the jailbreak comes out. During the process of getting the ibss and ibec (spelling) Itunes froze. And my phone went into DFU mode. I tried to restore it so I could start all over and was unable to restore had to take it to apple twice now and have them do it. I tried everything on apples website.

Things tried

turned off firewall
removed itunes and reinstalled itunes
tried end process of setpoint in the processes
tried all usb ports tried different cables

I have an HP with windows xp home edition

Also apple told me that they have had alot of folks come in to restore their 3Gs phones cause of PC conflicts and I used 2 different stores to restore my phone.

Any help would be great before 3.1 comes out so I can be ready with everythng I need. Only other thing I know to do is to wipe the PC and put in the restore disk and start from scratch again.

Thanks in advance