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Thread: Reboot iphone fix not working!!!!!!!

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    Default Reboot iphone fix not working!!!!!!!
    My iPhone is stuck in the constant reboot however the fixes on these sites are not sorting it.

    I can get it to "Yellow triangle" and then restore through Itunes but it does not fix.

    One solution I found talks about using Apptapp and some commands but they are from an OS X platform and I have a PC not a Mac.

    Does anyone know the solution for a Windows users?

    I'm in the UK BTW so visiting Apple is not an option as they do not even sell them yet (unless I wait for them to sell them and see if they will fix it for me)

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    Default Please don't cross post
    Having said that....

    What have you done so far? What do you mean when you say you're in a 'constant reboot'? When you power down and then power back up what do you see?

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    Default reboot
    I cannot power it off, I can hold down home to put it into recovery mode and that's it. Other than that it just powers on briefly showing me the apple logo and the just reboot again


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    Default Have you tried
    Holding both power button and home button down, then releasing the home button while still holding the power button dow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by namos View Post
    My iPhone is stuck in the constant reboot however the fixes on these sites are not sorting it.
    What did you try exactly? Did you check the info here:

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    cannot recall if I tried that specific combination...leave that with me. Thanks!

    had a look but I still do not see any instructions on how to execute the commands.

    It also talks about a Win version of Indepedance but again no ideas where to get that from and how to run it.

    Any more info would be great!
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    i had the same problem and apple told me that my phone was basicly they swapped my phone out for a new one for some reason ibrickr doesnt like the new itunes

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    What new itunes are you referring to? The brand new one that came out yesterday?

    Did they say you voided your warranty?

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