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Thread: Tactile Feedback?

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    Default Tactile Feedback?
    Firstly I know this is probably not the correct spot to put this but I couldnt find a decent spot.....

    But onto the tactile feedback:

    So a while ago i was reading about how someone had attepmted "tactile feedback" for the iphone with limted sucess, but placing a screen protector over it and cuting out the spots were the controls went. So I figured I would do just the opposite to see how well that works.

    My result:

    How I did it:
    A few weeks ago I ordered a shitty gel like case along with some screen protectors. I found the case to be crap, so I cut the "controls" out of the material, and placed them on small pieces of screen protector. I then overlayed that on to my iphone, and whala.

    It does work after the overlay, but requires a little more effort that normal, however you do get some "tactile feedbacK"

    I know this is my one of my first posts, I'm a long time reader, and I signed up a few weeks ago, and decided that I would post something that some people might find helpful. Hope someone can get help out of it, post with any quesitons or comments. Also mods, please move this thread were you deem fit, it this is not the correct place.
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    Do you keep that stuck to your screen all the time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmoRebellion View Post
    Do you keep that stuck to your screen all the time?
    LOL!!! thats the right question to ask... would be fugly dude!

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    Default no
    i already have one screen protector on my iphone, and when i made the "tactile feedback" i put the gel controls on top of seperate small pieces of screen protector, i can take the controls off and then put them back on when i want to, im trying to figure out something to make it easier to use and more effective, but this is what i have for now.
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    wish someone can make a bluetooth nes controller

    lol, this is for nes geeks like us who are geekier connecting it to a gameless iphone

    haha... but i do want it

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