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Thread: Trouble with sshify

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    Unhappy Trouble with sshify
    Hey everyone,

    I have sucessfuky modded two iPhones with the 1.0.1 firmware, mine and my girlfriends. My girlfriends sister just got home with a 1.0.2 phone.

    I jailbreaked the phone, I had to do it twice for some reason. And immediately after ran the sshify bat file. It started going through the process like all the tutorials said it would up to the first restart. I turned it off, turned it back on, and waited foe it to load up before hitting any button. Then it started executing more commands, then suddenly closed.

    I did it a few times, restarting my comutsr and the phone a few times, but I got the same response everytime. I finally gave up and downloaded ibrickr, which works like a charm, but its just not the same.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    whats not the same??

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    using the dumbed down interface of iBrickr is not the same as just dragging and dropping what I want, where I want in winscp.

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    Default Man, I don't know what you're talking about..
    iBrickr is an AWESOME interface and very intuitive.

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    I want a file veiwer though...

    Really, no one knows about this one? Sshify just closing 2/3rds through

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    you can install ssh using iBrickr. i'm like you, i prefer the drag and drop interface of winSCP over using iBrickr...

    look in the guides section of this site, it will give you links to download the .pxl packages you'll need. it actually shows you how to install them in the tutorial to get ssh up and running. the 1.0.2 firmware is slightly different than the earlier versions, and i don't believe that the sshify-windows.bat program works properly with it. but, if you look in the guides section in the getting started tutorial, it'll show you how to get it working on the 1.0.2 firmware ^_^
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    I have problems running jailbreak and ssh on my vista machine i need to use my laptop /w XP

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