Just completed another hardware unlocking, this time for a freind that does not have AT&T. Everything went well, now i need to activate it using IAsign, 3 things are needed, deviceID, IMEI and ICCID. DeviceID is located in a folder in windows.

"Device ID can be found on windows in the directory CUsers\username\AppData\roaming\Apple Computer\Lockdown on windows vista, or CDocuments and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\Lockdown on WinXP, or in ~/Library/Lockdown/ on MacOS X. It is an hexadecimal string of 40 characters, which should be the name of the only .plist file there"

howver, the DeviceID thats there is from my ihpone. Now i wonder, Where is this information located on the ihpone, i assume it is somewehre. Should be a file of 40 characters. Anyone knows where this file is on the phone.