so i just discovered ibrickr last night and went nuts with changing the icons order and themes and such cause i was bored. well i switched the theme and then by accident with the rbst or whatever its called ended up hiding my iswitcher launcher and rsbt icons. well that didnt go over too well and i kindof panicked cause i couldnt change it. and idk why but i tried uninsalling and reinstalling and it was a mess. i soft resetted and restored my phone wiped all the music and contacts off blah blah blah but still the same theme. so tonight i reinstalled the rSBT and the launcher and the iswitcher. they all work fine except when i try to switch my iswitcher theme the wait for theme to load box comes up with the "cool" option and i wait for 5 or 10 minutes and the theme doesnt load, not even the original.

Any Help?